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Consistency is Everything

"Consistency Trumps Intensity"

These are not my words, but words from a trainer who has been around the fitness industry much longer than me. With the new year among us, the fitness industry will soon see a huge boom. This "New Year's Resolution" to be fit will quickly die down before spring for most. For a vast majority of people their view on exercise is burpees till you look like McHammer on crack (thanks humpty), air squats till you can't feel your legs anymore and circuits till your lungs feel like they are on fire! This type of intensity puts some fear in the average person, as a lot of people have been led to believe that this is the only way to derive benefit. I am not here to bash on high intensity exercise,or a certain fitness organization (crossfit), as I will train myself and clients with what I view as high intensity at what I feel are the right times.

My most consistent client through the years is a lady named Sandra. Sandra is sixty-nine year old with hip replacement surgery, which needed to be replaced because of a car accident that occured over fifty years ago! She came to see me about five years ago with the hope of strenthening her lower body as she was set to have surgury three months later. Sandra walked with a really bad limp as her right leg had very little strength, her left leg basically was doing most of the daily work ie. walking. We started out very slow with very "low level" exercises and progressed at her pace. We sometimes look back and laugh about the step ups she would do off a four inch box that she says was more exercise for me than her as I would assist her up! Sandra never got discouraged even when people around her were doing twice the work with exercise much harder than what she was doing.

Nowadays Sandra could be seen at Norcal Functional Fitness in Campbell, California doing sprints across the turf, skipping drills, squats, lunges, turkish-getups and even box jumps! We still have our days where I see we need to scale back as all of us should see in our own training! But she would not be anywhere near where she is now without her consistency.

I hope you'll consider me as your personal trainer in 2016. I provide personal training services in Campbell, San Jose, Los Gatos and the remaining cities in the bay area.

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