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John Herrera

Personal Trainer


One-on-One Training

Group Training

Take comfort in knowing

that John designs programs

that are individualized.  His

one-on-one coaching is

designed specifically for you.

Whether its you and a friend

or a team of soccer players,

John does group training.

John Herrera Personal Trainer in Campbell, CA


John offers individual sessions, packages, groups and programs tailored to meet your needs.


Contact Us

Email, call or text, we

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"I have worked with John since May 2009, at first to gain strength and balance to aid my recovery from upcoming surgery, and since then to rebuild the body that had deteriorated during the previous decades.  John accepted me in my decrepit state, and by the end of that year, I was stronger and had better balance. Skilled in assessing each client’s needs, John works efficiently with students, experienced athletes, and seniors like me. He personalizes his fitness personal training. I eagerly anticipate every session with John, for I feel infinitely better every minute of every day because of what he teaches me.  My astonished, ecstatic family all agree:  The money I spend each month for John’s expert personal training is the best investment I could possibly make!  Five years ago, I felt 63 going on 80.  Today, at age 68, I feel 60 going on 40.  I owe that vast difference entirely to John." - S. McCorkle



"John is an excellent fitness personal trainer.  If it wasn't for John, I would not have been able to lose 40 lbs. and maintain my ideal weight today.  Besides the weight loss, my goal was to improve my quality of life due to chronic back pain.  John helped me strengthen my core and back area in order to achieve this goal.  He has helped me more than my pain management and spine doctors ever did!!!  I would highly recommend John to anyone."  - V. Dalton 

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